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I have always been fascinated by the process of materials becoming objects of art and function. Following a path of an idea germinating inside a creative mind from concept to drawing, to a computer-generated 3-D image, clarifying parameters from imagined to real, establishing shapes and finally selecting materials which bring imagined objects to life. Making the imagined real, that is what I admire and celebrate.

From the earliest time in my life I found the creative process mysterious and remarkable. I viewed artists as involved and inspired people imbued with unusual ability and talent. This process was something to be explored and later on through studies of art, music, history, and culture, my strong passion to curate and represent artists and craftspeople became a reality.

Johanna Spilman is a space where this dialogue takes place. We support and embrace customization and select lines of furniture, fabric, and objects that appeal to a clean and functional palate. They suit a variety of projects from transitional to modern, from found to antique, and meld styles in an inspired and interesting way. By their very nature they are timeless and collectable.

Our representative lines stand on their own, blend and express a strong aesthetic point of view. They are chic, stylish and well designed. They are to be enjoyed, shared, owned, and proudly passed on as pieces of functional art worth collecting. They express our modern times, our era, and also strongly suggest the historical paths of their ancestry. Constructed of todays’ materials, they are antiques of the future. Design without expiration ®

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